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Proud In Pride

SF Gay Parade is the place to be, I am always moved by this great victory of the pride movement. I feel proud of who we are and how we have grown as a community celebrating pride week in such magnanimity. This year on the day before parade, my family and I celebrated going to the SF Gay Men's Chorus Elton John Sing Along. It was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Great music, singing and Tim Seelig the Conductor and Art Director is fantastic in weaving in the story behind each of the songs. I am in love with the chorus and can't wait for their next show.

Listening to the great music inspired me and brought back fond memories of the many I times had the pleasure to design rings for mens weddings, and I take great care in making each set of rings with the effort and attention they deserve.

Designing same-sex ring duets is a special occasion for a designer. Both rings should not only have a similar look, but also compliment each other, while forming a synergy and unity when coming together, like when holding hands. Man hands allow design freedom for bolder more rugged look. There’s so much fun and strength in designing male wedding bands, and I love each opportunity to make bold rings that can be carried with pride.

Yael Baharav

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