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Engagement & Wedding Rings– Where do I Begin?

Designing our rings can be daunthing and confusing, so many consideration, so many options. We wear our rings over decades, they represent who we are and who we were, and they remind us the significance of those special moments in our relationships.

Therefore, I say we should start with how do we make our rings our own. We are unique, our love is one of a kind, our engagement, wedding and anniversaries all represent our most special moments. Our ring should not just be a symbol of the moment but should also represent what the moment was the where, the how and the who.

Because our wedding rings are such subtly powerful reminder of our loved ones, many considerations need to make it into the design:

  • it needs to be timeless to withstand the decades

  • it needs to be robust to withstand daily bumps and bruises or active lifestyles

  • resizing should be possible as we do tend to change size

But these are all rational and technical requirements; a ring should also fit who you are and how you live your life:

  • fit your profession and lifestyle

  • fit theunique shape of your fingers and palm

  • complement skin tone

Traditional wedding bands.

But these too, for me, are still technical and cut the story short. Your ring should capture the moment in time of your engagement, and the story of your love. Maybe tell the story of where and how you met, maybe symbolize the date you met or proposed. Or maybe via metal and stone say who you are and what you mean to each other.

The proposal story: 4 small diamonds for April, the month, 16 diamonds, the day, under a full moon.

Rings should tell your personal story. Through perfect fit and form, and by symbolizing an important moment, each ring becomes unique and one with its owner. It represents and is a daily reminder of the moment, the dreams, the vows. When we look at the ring we should forever see ourselves in it– who we are and who we want to become.


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