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My Design Philosophy

True love is one of a kind and so should be the jewelry expressing it. Whether its a wedding, an anniversary, graduation or a birdthday, love is unique and the jewelry should express not only the event but also your loved one and yourself.


Jewelry is like a fine cut dress or suit, color, material, texture, size, fit and form must all come in harmoney to create a meaning, reflecting the moment and the person. The perfect jewelry is never the largest stone, it is the right stone, your stone, in your metal smithed to the perfect dimesions. The jewelry's weight, look and feel should always show the unique in you, making you feel secure, home and loved. 


As a boutique designer, a big part of my art is reflecting your moment and your feelings, helping you choose the design. I often design jewelry together with my clients as we sit around the table and personalize your own unique piece to go along with your engagment, wedding or other special occasions. I especially enjoy working with clients designing a new ring or pendant to fit and hold an old, sentimental precious family gemstone. 


Altough challening to validate, I put effort and question my suppliers to ensure my gemstones are fair trade. Unless specifically request by the client my work is all solid metals and natural precious stones and I never use glass bids or plastics.  

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