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Custom Design


Custom design your own jewelery, and fall in love with it over and over again. Whether it's an old family stone, a piece you've envisioned, or a design you wish to re-create, I love to work with clients to turn fantasy jewelery into reality. I specialize in resetting precious stones, often re-working engagement or anniversary ring diamonds into modern or unique designs.


The customization process can be entierly directed through your imagination, from the metal and design, to the stones and arrangement. I work with you in tandem to realize your dream piece.


Since most of my pieces are one of a kind or custom work, custom pieces are priced similarly to pieces on the site, depending on metal and stone choices, with no additional charge for custom work. 


Customization Options Include: 

1. Design your own piece: schedule a free consultation over skype or in person.

2. Customize a ring or an earring you saw on my website: liked something on the site that you want to alter or inscribe? You can customize size, stones, and metal. 


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