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Memento Jewelry– Remembering Love

We want to keep our loved ones close and not let go. We remember their warmth and all the wonderful times we spent together. We want them close, we want them cherished.

At times when we inherent a family jewel, it might be timeless and fit right in, but sometimes it doesn’t quite fit right, or needs to be updated. Nevertheless, we want it close and are not willing to let it go.

I often meet with women seeking to cherish a loved one, not only in memory, but also with the jewels they left behined. Together, we review the wide variety of options: fit an existing jewel into a different design, or revamp a wedding ring, a bracelet or a pendant. At times, we design a new piece moving the stone from a ring to a pendant, or even create a new ring more consistent with the client’s look and lifestyle.

Weather re-using stones from jewelry once belonging to a loving grandmother, mom, aunt or sister, or creating a twin set of necklaces from those matching seaglass stones you collected with your best friend as a child, I always strive to infuse the new jewlery with a reverance for the love shared.

Yael Baharav

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