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Unique Wedding & Engagement Rings? Show me...

Lets talk wedding and engagement rings…..or rather how unique are they

Well, they usually are a fantastic stone held in white gold prongs. Unique? Not really! Is it just me when looking at these rings below I see the designer rather than the bride shine through?

Now ladies and gents, tradition is important and for many it is the rule. But for those who believe tradition is secondary to the present or the future, please allow me to ask, in what way do these rings represent who we are? Who our loved one is? The place or moment in time of our proposal? Is white gold really the best fit for all people of all shades, black, brown, yellow, orange, pink, white? We don’t all wear the same make up, why then do we all wear the same white gold rings? And the same goes for the stone, why diamond, why this shape? Are we accentuating the diamond? Or are we accentuating who we are and what our relationship is about?

What if we could make a ring that is more meaningful than the $ sum of its stones. What if we choose a metal that fits our color best, smith it to the width best suited for our unique finger shape, and set it with stones that represent who we are or who we want to become. Layout the stones in shapes and settings that represent the what, why and the when we chose to come together. Create a ring with a story and meaning beyond the sparkle of its stones.


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