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"Lost Wax" Casting Workshop

Lost wax is my favorite jewelry making process. Almost all of the jewelry on this site is made with lost wax casts. In the Cast Jewelry Goatshop we will be carving wax to hand make your jewelry.


You will be able to choose a stone or bring your own and set it in your design, creating gold or silver rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. You will learn the basics of how to work with wax. This 3 hour shop covers multiple methods of creating texture, sizing, and finish.


Once you are satisfied with the wax model we will send it to be cast in your desired metal. Within a couple of weeks, I receive the casted jewelry, polish it, set your stones and mail it to you, with the entire process taking 3-4 weeks.


The carving wax Youtube video is a good representation of what we will be learning during the shop. The casting video is the post shop process of casting and polishing.  


Casting is a very professional jewelry making process, and once we are happy with the wax we can cast it in any metal and set it with any stone or stones. The outcome will be as professional as the jewelry you see on the site. 


Workshop price is $90.

Additional costs per piece include:

  • Casting $10 (I send it to a cast house)

  • Polishing $20 

  • Stone setting $10 per stone

  • The cost of cast metal itself is highly dependent on weight and choice of metal. As an example an average ring weighing 3 grams would cost about $120 in gold and $1.20 in silver

  • Cost for stones that I provide

Carving Wax (what we will do at the shop)

Casting (post shop process)

If non of the dates below fit your schedule, please contact me as I may be able to accommodate your preferred date

Cast Jewelry Registration Form

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