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Precious Metal Clay Workshop

For those of us who have always wanted to design jewelry but never had the opportunity, now is the time. With a friend or freinds you can join me for three hours of professional jewelry making training. I will handhold you through the process of ensuring your design turns to reality. 


You will be working with precious metal clay (PMC) to design your desired jewelry. Once your design is complete we fire the metal on the spot and with a little bit of polishing your design is done.


The precious metal silver clay is made of pure silver mixed with water and an organic binding agent. You can mold it into an endless number of shapes and designs. When fired, the binding agent burns off, resulting in original fine silver jewelry—99.9% pure.


The silver clay can then be enhanced with gold. Making a pure gold piece is also possible but the base material is so precious it is not reccommended prior to gaining experience with silver. 

During the workshop you will learn the basics of how to work with metal clay.  The session covers rolling, stamping, other methods of creating texture, and all the finishing techniques you will need. Pieces will be fired during the workshop, so you can wear your creation home that day. Please check out my Experiences page where you will find some participants of the workshop who have shared their experience


The videos on this page can give you a glimpse into the PMC process. Throughout the class I will be doing a few demonstrations on how to create rings, earrings, and necklace pendants. Following each demonstration we will discuss and enhance your own designs and then advance to making the piece.  

The price of the workshop is $90 (cost of clay and stones not included):

  • Silver clay is roughly $3 per gram, an average ring is usually 3 grams

  • Stones I provide

Making A PMC Earring

Glass Effects On PMC

Online PMC Jewelry I Love:

If non of the dates below fit your schedule, please contact me as I may be able to accommodate your preferred date

Precious Metal Clay Registration Form

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