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Personalize An Item You Saw On The Site

Any item on the site can be personalized to match your size, choice of metal, and design vision. I strive to create pieces that reflect your personality through the creative design.


The form and instructions below are to help you describe the details of your vision. I will reach out to you within a few days to discuss your precise requirements. 


There is no additional charge for custom work, the price you saw for the item you liked will be very similar to the price of the personalized item I will make for you (as long as the metal and stones remain similar). 

Size and Length Suggestions and Infromation to Include


Rings: The size should roughly fit two fingers, as everyone's fingers change size slightly with the seasons. This way you will be able to wear the ring all year long.

  • If the ring band width is between 4mm to 6mm add 0.25 to the ring size.

  • If the band width is between 6mm to 10mm add 0.75 to the ring size.


For Necklaces: please let me know the length you desire. 



Please indicate your desired metal and karat (14, 18, 22, 24)


Please add as much information as you can about how you'd like to customize the item. I will reach out to you within a couple of days to ensure I understand your requests. 


Thank you for submitting your request, I will contact you shortly

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